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Born into a family of gardeners, and raconteurs, I inevitably developed a fascination for plants and storytelling alike.


Whilst I initially trained as a theatre designer (choosing costume and set design to explore storytelling), I eventually went on to become a High School Arts teacher, working in UK, and internationally, in Germany, Africa, Fiji, Thailand, Austria and Italy.


My travels served to heighten my love of photography and natural history, but also stimulated my love of storytelling. In Thailand, dragging giant snails from beneath my truck, meeting an elephant turning left at the traffic lights, and being overtaken by a parrot on a motorbike encouraged me to develop the narrative element within my work. 


I returned, temporarily, to the UK to pursue an MA in children's book illustration, at Cambridge School of Art, where my love of creatures, birds and plant life became the focus for my drawing work.

Eventually though, after so many years on the move, I realised how much I missed the UK, its seasons and wildlife, I left teaching and relocated to Scotland. These days you can find me exploring hedgerows and gardens and sitting amongst trees, armed with sketchbook and camera.


Kim Morris

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